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Repair Agent

What is a Repair Agent?

The repair agents mentioned here are products used mainly for sealing and repairing porosity (pin holes) in castings. These products are used widely to perform repairs by a simple process.


Types of Repair Agents

Repair agents can be classified as follows according to their usage and the thing to be repaired.

For sealing visible porosity in castings Drop-type spot sealants

Altouch 1180
Altouch 1180V
Altouch 1185

For substantial invisible porosity Application -type spot sealants

Altouch 1920
Altouch 1920L
Altouch 1920S (Spray)
Altouch 1934

For filling large porosity

Two-liquid mix repair agent

  Altouch 1610
For simple repairs of metal molds not exposed to water Repair agent for metal molds
  Altouch KK-1020

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