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Coating Agent

What's a Coating Agent?

Coating agents are applied by spraying, immersion, brushing or otherwise to the surface of metal and sand molds as an essential process in producing castings, to extend the life of metal molds, facilitate the separation of sand molds and help control temperature in order to produce better castings.

While there are many casting methods, the major methods are the following:
1. Shape casting using gravity (also called inclination or gravity casting).
2. Low pressure die casting, which improves formability by applying slight pressure (also called LPDC).
3. High pressure die casting, which forms castings quickly using high pressure (HPDC, or die casting).

Coating agents for metal molds are used for casting methods 1 and 2.


What are the Types of Coating Agents?

Coating agents for metal casting (Molcoat)

Basic coating agents


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