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Parts related with automobile
Engine block Cylinder head
Intake manifold Mission case
Aluminum wheel Oil pump body for power steering
Carburetor Cover of Water pump
Super charger Air suspension
Car air conditioner Parts of Radiator
Fuel injection pump Steering case
Parts related with precision machine
Solenoide Casing
Air cylinder Oil cylinder
Parts related with electricity,electron
Parts of motor Case of CATV amplifien
Wave guide
Parts related with general industry
Pump for machines and implements Mission case for machines and implements
General engine Jet foil
Brake for rolling stock Oil cylinder for rolling stock
Nailer Oil pump case for constraction machines
Circuit parts for motive oil pressure use heavy chance
Other parts
Seal of dynamo waterpower Jointcase for under- ground cable
Govenor for Ship engine Unit for air conditioner
Valve for fresh water plant Hose joint for LNG
Cameracase for deep sea O ring belong to screw for ship
Cooling unit for flying Oil pressure case for flying
Gas meter case Valve for water service

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