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Security information

Because the development of IT is so fast, the very best information security devised today cannot continue to be the best in the future. Appropriate information security countermeasures should be taken each time new hardware or software is introduced, but even then its continued effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.

We fully recognize that security countermeasures at chuhatsu.com cannot be taken hastily just to establish an information security policy based on these guidelines, but rather that maintaining an effective security policy requires a continuous day-by-day effort, so that we must remain ready to enact proper procedures according to the functionality of the Web pages.

We also believe that building secure systems that continually collect information while ensuring security should incorporate rules for not only "how to protect information" but also "how to cope with failures", so that building countermeasures based on appropriate policies is given sufficient importance.

Furthermore, by periodically reviewing policies such as practical procedures for security policies and related security, we can determine whether a new threat exists or whether the environment remains unchanged, and whether additional countermeasures should be implemented.

It is important for you to protect your password and computer from improper access and viruses. Security on the Internet can be assured only when both the sender and the receiver of information take the appropriate measures.

Also, when you finish using a computer that is often shared with other people, please be sure to log out and confirm that your information is preserved and protected.

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