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Privacy Policy

Chuhatsu recognizes that our customers are concerned about how their personal information is used and shared, and that they entrust Chuhatsu with extremely careful handling of their information, so we pay close attention to respecting their privacy and protecting their personal information. The privacy policy of chuhatsu.com is described here. Your use of chuhatsu.com presumes that you agree with this privacy policy.

What kind of personal information is collected by chuhatsu.com?

Information collected from customers is used to improve communications between customers and Chuo Hatsumei Institute Co., Ltd. The information collected is as follows.

* Information provided by customers
Chuhatsu.com receives and stores information entered by customers on the Web site, or provided in other ways. For examples of the information collected, please see "Information Provided by the Customer" at the lower part of this page. The customer may elect to not provide some information, but this may cause some features of chuhatsu.com to be unavailable. The information provided is used for supporting requests, improving services and contacting the customer.

* Information collected automatically
Chuhatsu.com collects and stores certain information whenever a customer uses our site services. For example, like many Web sites, we collect certain information using a "cookie" when a customer accesses chuhatsu.com. For examples of the information collected, please see "Information Obtained Automatically" at the lower part of this page. In addition, some companies provide software with which customers can access Web sites anonymously. In such cases, chuhatsu.com may be unable to provide services that suit the individual customer.

* E-Mail
We routinely send the latest information about impregnation-related products and services to customers who register an account on chuhatsu.com. If you do not want to receive e-mail or information by regular mail from chuhatsu.com, or if you want us to stop sending all or part of this information, please access the "Chuhatsu.com Information Delivery Service" and change your subscription settings. (If you have registered with multiple accounts, please perform this procedure for each account.)


What's a Cookie?

* A cookie consists of identifying text sent from chuhatsu.com through a customer's Web browser to the hard disk of their computer. Chuhatsu.com uses this information to identify and count accesses to each page, in order to analyze and improve the information provided.

* The help item in the tool bar of most browsers describes methods for rejecting new cookies, notification of receipt of new cookies and disabling the cookie function. However, we recommend keeping cookie reception enabled so that you can make full use of the features of chuhatsu.com that use them.

Does chuhatsu.com share information with third parties?

Customer information is very important for chuhatsu.com to work, and we do not sell this information to third parties. Customer information collected on our site may be shared only between Chuo Hatsumei Institute Co., Ltd. and it subsidiary companies, except in the following cases.

  • * Partnering companies
    Chuhatsu.com manages this Web site with a partnering company. There are also cases in which chuhatsu.com provides other services together with partnering companies. In such cases, we clearly disclose this to customers, and we may share customer information related to such contracted business with the applicable companies.

    * Representative agents
    Chuhatsu.com entrusts some Internet data operations to other companies and persons. Such entrusted operations include Web page updating, sending mail and e-mail, removing redundant information from the customer list, data analysis, marketing aids and customer service. Our representative agents use personal information as necessary to conduct these operations, but do not use it for any other purpose.

    * Sales promotion activities
    Chuhatsu.com may send an advertisement on behalf of another company to a particular selected customer. In such cases, we do not disclose the customer's name or address to that company. If you do not want to receive this kind of information, please access the "Chuhatsu.com Information Delivery Service" and change your subscription settings. (If you have registered with multiple accounts, please perform this procedure for each account.)
    However, please note that notifications of order confirmation and product delivery times are always sent by text-format e-mail, regardless of subscription settings.

    * Transfer of business
    When effecting the sale or purchase of assets, at which time information about customers is normally considered to be a business asset to be transferred.

    * Chuhatsu.com and other protection
    Chuhatsu.com may disclose account and other personal information when the disclosure complies with the law, is proper with respect to usage regulations and other rules, and when judged as protecting the rights, assets and safety of chuhatsu.com and its customers. This includes information exchanged between companies and other organizations to conduct countermeasures against damage from fraud and risk to reputation.

    * With the customer's consent
    Other than in the above cases, if there is a possibility that information about a customer may be transferred to a third party, chuhatsu.com shall first notify the customer of the purpose. At that time, the customer may refuse the sharing of their personal information.

Personal information security

  • * To ensure security when customer information is sent, entered information is encrypted by chuhatsu.com using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software.

    * We believe that it is important for you, as a customer, to protect your password and computer from improper access. When you finish routine operations with your computer, please always be sure to log off.

    * In addition, valuable information related to privacy is described in Ministry of International Trade and Industry guideline JIS Q 15001, "Requirements for compliance program on personal information protection".

Terms of Use, various rules and revisions

This document and the Terms of Use, as well as the relevant Japanese laws, are applicable when customers use chuhatsu.com, and govern any problems that may arise related to usage and privacy. The contents of this document and the Terms of Use may be changed from time to time so that use of the information that chuhatsu.com currently collects is governed by the Privacy Policy valid at the time of use. Unless notification is received from the customer that they do not want to receive it, chuhatsu.com sends various information about rules and regulations by e-mail. In addition, we hope you will visit this site frequently to keep abreast of the latest changes to the contents.

Related information

Information provided by the customer

Most information is collected when a customer participates in a survey or contacts customer service. Following are examples when making contact with chuhatsu.com by telephone, e-mail and other ways, or by filling in a survey or materials request form. As a result, the customer may provide the following information to chuhatsu.com: their name, company name, department name, title, address, telephone number, delivery destination for requested materials (including address and telephone number) and etc.

Information collected automatically

The following items are included in the information that chuhatsu.com collects and analyzes. Recording and display of the IP (Internet protocol) address used when the customer's computer connects to the Internet, information related to the computer and connection information (browser type and version, operating system, platform, etc.), access to our Web site, access from there to other Web sites, and the date and time of the URL (uniform resource locator) related to access through it.

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