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Comprehensive impregnation advisor

Impregnation technology to fill microscopic porosity


Impregnation is the process of infusing resin to seal multiple pores (porosity) that could otherwise affect the durability of components created from metal casting, powdered metallurgy and ceramics.
By this process, products that might otherwise have to be rejected can be made fully usable. The impregnation system of Chuhatsu can be applied quickly, with nearly 100% filling effectiveness.

Chuhatsu impregnation technology is being practically applied in a wide range of fields, of course to prevent leakage, but also in preparatory processing to prevent blistering and peeling of plating or coatings, and for corrosion prevention.

Impregnation Methods


Impregnation is conducted by various methods according to the leakage or porosity of a product. For example, vacuum pressure impregnation is used to fill pores by first placing products in a vacuum state, and then applying pressure to infuse resin into the porosity.
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