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What is Impregnation?

The technique that infuses a resin (impregnant) to fill the invisible porosity that occurs in the casting process using a special system (impregnation system).

  Porosity is the absence of material where it should be present (voids) in metal castings. It occurs for many reasons and in many forms, but is often the result of gases released from the material, or shrinkage of the metal as it cools and solidifies.
Why is impregnation needed?
Because porosity is unavoidable in the casting process, frankly speaking, some defective products are bound to result. The probability of product rejection due to porosity depends on the particular product, but can reach as high as 20 to 50%. Now that could be a serious loss, couldn't it?  
So, impregnation was developed
  By impregnation technology, products that would otherwise be rejected can be made usable, so this technology can be indispensable for life-supporting parts and on parts that must endure high pressure.
We bet you can find impregnation applications near you
That's right. Impregnated parts are used in that PC you are probably now using.
Let's look at some actual examples.


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